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Art work by Rinske Salomons represents the energy of the unseen, spiritual world. It blends the power of art and spirituality, allowing her to connect and to better understand our identity. As a poet she feels herself being pulled into the visual arts. She enjoys moving back and forth between the two.


Regardless of how her work takes shape, the purpose is in the making. Beside this, she wants to express what she feels and experiences beyond daily existence.  She hopes that her art is a catalyst that allows others to discover a deeper purpose for themselves.


Her deep mappings of islands, coastlines, volcanic regions, are quite often the start of a stream of consciousness…in writing and in images. Landscapes can be imaginary spaces, a painted representation for a place in the world.


The paradox of landscape is in the projection: it can become a self-portrait. We are all travellers, refugees, migrants. We have our stories.

Rinske salomons