A place to reflect on the casualties of a naive faith in an infinitely perfectible future brought into being by advances in science and technology.


Crumbling belief in progress

The crumbling of the Enlightenment idea in progress has led to a completely different understanding of our place in the world.  The kinds of fears are structurally different than they were in the past; they are now visible, created by our own technology. It is now culture, rather than nature, which is the source of our fears. Only by becoming aware of needing a new approach, can we change our course.


Wasteland offers possibilities

Wasteland offers the possibility of a more responsible understanding of our place in the world. Wasteland includes humans as part of nature, it assumes that our actions are just one set of activities, of reactions and responses, along with those of the rocks, plants, animals, and atmospheres that surround and interact with us.

Wasteland leaves no place “over there”, but connects the domestic and the wild, the urban and the rural, the local and the global.

In wasteland’s fertile conjunction of disgust and utopia lies its greatest potential. Our actions have a history and leave traces, wasteland bears witness to these actions.  A space of resistance, of challenge, and ultimately, of possibility and change, wasteland has the potential to be the landscape paradigm for our uncertain and troubling times.